The Rice Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Group is headed by Dr. Jeffrey Nittrouer, Assistant Professor of Earth Science at Rice University. The scientific research of the group engages geomorphology, hydrology, morphodynamics, and stratigraphy of modern and ancient sedimentary systems on planetary surfaces. This work focuses on studies that collect the data necessary to constrain and validate time-and-space iterative numerical models. The broad aims are to evaluate the properties of sediment transport to assess accumulation patterns, and infer about linkages between modern sedimentary systems and the stratigraphic record.

The Selenga River delta, Lake Baikal,

The Selenga River delta, Lake Baikal, is a 30 million year old fan delta located in an active rift basin margin in Siberia. Here we explore the interactions between modern deltaic sedimentation and tectonics that affect basin stratigraphy.