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Dr. Jeffrey A. Nittrouer
Assistant Professor of Earth Science

Post-Doctoral Researchers

The fate and transport of fine-grained sediment is crucial for understanding of the development and evolution of lowland, coastal, and nearshore environments. My research investigates the physical and chemical controls on the aggregation of suspended sediment in rivers as they approach the ocean, and their subsequent effects on the morphology and composition of deltas built by the deposition of those aggregates

Graduate Students

Tian Dong
(PhD candidate)

The broad aim of my research is evaluating how the physical processes of rivers and deltas shape the surface of Earth. Currently, my research is examining modern sedimentation processes of the Selenga River Delta, Lake Baikal, Russia. In particular, I am exploring the interaction between basin subsidence and the dispersal of gravel, with the aim to couple modern sediment transport processes, as influenced by tectonics, to the construction of basin stratigraphy.




Andrew Moodie
(PhD candidate)

The Yellow River is an end-member fluvial system as it is characterized by very suspended sediment concentrations, variable water discharge over annual and decadal timescales, and significant anthropogenic influences. In the lower reaches of the Lower Yellow River, the unique characteristics of the river combine to produce rapid channel bed aggradation that results in frequent overbank flooding and river avulsions. My research seeks to advance the science regarding long-term fluvial-deltaic evolution through comprehensive numerical models of the Yellow River and detailed field observations. A broad aim of this research is to forward model delta growth for sustainable river-engineering practices, and therefore there is application to management of deltaic landscapes globally.

Chenliang Wu
(PhD candidate)

The filling history of Carboniferous Shannon Basin (Co. Clare, Ireland) remains mysterious in terms of the relationship between sediment transport mechanics and the resulting stratigraphy despite research for over half a century. I aim to address this gap in our understanding short term (1-100 year time scale) morphodynamics and long term (1000-1000000 year) basin filling mechanisms by combining numerical modeling and field data, so to test the hypothesis that “fluid hydrodynamics of the PRESENT is the KEY to the stratigraphy of the PAST”.

Eric Barefoot
(PhD candidate)

I am broadly interested in how small-scale mechanisms manifest and control larger scale processes in river systems, in particular how grain-scale processes ultimately manifest as fractal river planform geometries. I’m also interested in how large-scale drivers like climate change manifest as changes in local scale river processes.

Brandee Carlson
(PhD candidate)

My research focuses on the processes that shape modern coastal systems. My current research investigates the evolution of abandoned deltaic lobes and distributary channels on the Huanghe (Yellow River), China.

Inanimate Field Assistant

Indiana Drones

Department of Earth, Environment and Planetary Sciences

Visiting Scholars and Collaborators

Jan Pietron
Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University, Sweden

Katherine Anarde
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rice University

I’m interested in how human activities influence coastal dynamics. My research integrates field experiments with computational models to investigate the hazards associated with changes to coastal barriers and tidal deltas along the Upper Texas Coast due to climate change impacts, tropical storms, and engineering activities. I’m currently working to develop an array of rapid response instrumentation for measuring barrier island overwash and inundation during hurricane attack along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Manuel Bogoni
Department of Environmental and Architectural Engineering
University of Padova, Italy

Undergraduate Students

Garrett Lynch

Simon Chan

Sam Zapp

Alumni Students and Postdocs

Jorge Lorenzo Trueba
Assistant Professor, Montclair State University

Travis Swanson
Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University

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